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Bluehost is one of the webhosting companies that are providing shared server services to more than one million website across the world. The specification of the server of Bluehost is impressive. The account of Bluehost is created on a shared server that contains 4GB of RA, 2 quad-core Intel Xenon E5320 1.8GHz CPUS and 3 75GB. CentOS 64bit Linux distribution is what Bluehost is utilizing in running the site. The server is always fast and hardly experiences any slowdown. The average server load of Bluehost is about 1.5.

Control Panel

The control panel as implicit from the name is the unit through which users can manage their account and perform any operation. Bluehost as a force to reckon with in the webhosting industry is using the best control panel, the cPanel. The cPanel is user friendly and can be used by different levels of webmasters. Beginner and advanced individuals can perfectly use it without having any difficulty. The tutorials that come with the cPanel can be helpful in case a user becomes confuse or is not able to use any of the future.

Technical support unit

Bluehost has a strong technical support unit. The technical support unit handles every technical issues that users may encounter. But one thing good about this aspect of Bluehost is that the services are on 24/7 basis. So, you are sure of being attended to anytime you have technical problem.

Customer support unit

Besides the technical problems that users may encounter, there are other problems that are not technical issues that users may encounter. Such non-technical issues are being handled by the customer support unit. This unit also provides a 24/7 services. You can call their toll free online if you want to reach them. As evident from the reviews given by many people, the toll free line calls are answered on time.

Reliability of Bluehost Feature

There is nothing that has made Bluehost popular other than their reliable services. This can be seen from the features of their webhosting packages. Bluehost does not just packed its webhosting plans with a number of features but they features are the best in the industry and they are reliable.

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